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Tournament Rules & Regulations

1.  Games will be two 20 minute halves with a running clock.  Clock will stop for fouls and out of bounds the last 2 minutes of each half. 
2.  No full court press after 15-point lead
3.  3rd and 4th Grade - no press until after ball crosses half-court.  
4.  All technical and intentional fouls will result in the automatic awarding of of 2 points plus the ball out of bounds. 
5.  A minimum of 5 minute warm up time between games. 
6.  All divisions will use an intermediate sized women's basketball.
7.  3 full timeouts per game.
8.  2 minute overtime period-second OT is sudden death starting with a jump ball.
9.  1 additional time out is granted to each team during each OT period
10.  Teams must be ready to play 10 minutes ahead of scheduled time. 
11.  Games may start early. 

The Following rules and regulations covering the tournament shall be enforced:

1.  The referees are in charge of the game - all decisions are final - coaches may talk to them during a time out or at half time. 
2.  Players should raise their hands on fouls. 
3.  Players may play for one team only - they may play up a grade - not down. (One Team Per Age Group)
4.  No organization or individual shall be held responsible for any injury incurred. 
5.  All jerseys must have a number on the back. 
6.  Coaches are responsible for their parents and fans - any conduct deemed disrespectful will be dealt with by the referee and tournament director and may be subject to ejection from the tournaments.